Best music online streaming player for android and iphone

what is up guys easy john here back again with another article for you guys that in today's article I'll be showing you guys how to get spotify premium apk as well as closed applications for Instagram snapchat YouTube Facebook and all those post bucks applications for you guys absolutely free no computer no jailbreak as well as how to fix the like air that you guys get while you guys install Spotify right now right here absolutely free so let's go ahead and


let's get started with the tutorial so the first thing we have to do is go ahead and so the any application you want the post post application I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys Spotify so I'm gonna go ahead and delete the


Spotify application go ahead and delete the original application just go ahead delete now we're good to go now let's go ahead and load up Safari and like always links will be down in the description just go ahead and click the link and you


guys are greeted with the like you can just go ahead and do they should have like little Safari I can't go ahead and hit there she gets confused redirected to the Safari feature just go ahead and wait five seconds go ahead and press


skip at it you guys will get in attica just go ahead and hit back close that tab out and go ahead and skip out of one more time so we should be greeted withsomething like this so if we automatically go ahead and install


Spotify plus plus let's go ahead and install it you guys will get an error go ahead and press install and I'll go ahead and show you guys because I was running through this air and I did not know what to do so let's go ahead and


just wait for the Spotify to try and install itself to just go ahead and be patient [Music] as you guys can see we do get this Jerry just say unable to download app Spotify


plus plus could not install at this time and if you guys try retry retry and retry it will not work and that was happening to me and I was like what what is wrong because like all the youtubers were showing that it is working and it


is not working for me but I have found up fig so just go ahead and hit done and application should automatically disappear so let's go ahead and load up the link one more time and the first thing we have to do is go ahead and go


and we must install this application first install ppsspp go ahead and hit install go ahead and hit install one more tab and wait for that application to install guys trust me this is actually gonna go ahead this is


actually gonna work for you guys so once the application is there just as you guys can see we'll see untrusted developer so like always let's go ahead and go under settings go down until we see general until we see profiles and


device management go under the profile and go ahead and get trust it trusts one more time and the application should be trusted now let's go ahead and go back to the leaf and now we can go ahead and install Spotify plus plus go ahead and


hit install just on Spotify plus go ahead and hit install and now it should go ahead and install without a problem sighs let's go ahead and wafer this into download I'll go ahead and speed up theprocess for you guys


[Music] and now we'll just go ahead and wait for it to load it's almost done and as you guys would see now the application will 100% download and go ahead and try out the other application Spotify plus plus


instagram plus false snapchat plus ones go ahead and try them out most if not all of the applications should work and as you guys can see the application doesgo ahead and install I'm going to go ahead and put it where it goes on my


screen so just go ahead and hit open and once we open it guys this over your hundred-percent working as you guys can see spotty life version point five just go ahead and hit login and go ahead and login with your Spotify account I'll go


ahead and login and I'll meet you guys once I am done okay guys so I did go ahead and sign in and go ahead and hit a lot of you guys want notifications and as you guys can see we do have the most latest version right here because the


toggles are down there so let's go ahead and go under charge under USA I'm gonna go ahead and lower down the volume because I do not want this video to get copyright as you guys can see I can choose any song that I walk and skip as


many times as I want without getting in that or anything and you guys should go ahead and choose any song you guys want 100% working guys Spotify push plus Spotify Premium once again is working and that is the face if you guys are


having problems just go ahead and do that method and you guys will be good to go so this will be pretty much it for today's video how to get Spotify Premium as well as how to get the post plus applications and fix the Spotify air or


mistake that you guys were getting absolutely free so I hope you guys did enjoy this video and if you guys are brand new to the channel go ahead and consider subscribing to the channel for more Mac iOS and Android videos I do do


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guys in the next one peace